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Retrograde dates for Cycles in 2023. Purple mandala background.

Retrograde Dates in Astrology for 2023

Find the retrograde dates for all the planets in this guide. The Mercury, Venus, and Mars retrograde combined with the monthly moon phases, eclipses, solstices, equinoxes provide a framework for working with astrology through a calendar year. 

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Mars retrograde in Gemini 2022. Mars surface with mountains in a reddish hue. Mars symbols across the page going retrograde. Gemini glyph.

Mars Retrograde in Gemini 2022

The Mars retrograde in Gemini is happening now. It is a time to take the opportunity to evaluate where you may be carrying too much of a burden or wasting your energy. Make cuts over the next few months and start moving forward faster as we move out of Mars retrograde by March of 2023.

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Mercury Retrograde. Nature's clock for slowing down. A sundial made of rocks on the ground.

Mercury Retrograde Update

Mercury retrograde is a great time to realign what you do on a daily basis with where you want those days to take you. Mercury retrograde is asking us to take a pause, lift up our heads, and look around.

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Mercury Retrograde January 2022. Outline of two faces facing each other with imposed galaxy of stars and colors inside the shape of the profiles. Abstract type graphics. Text says Mercury retrograde January 2022 with two glyphs of the sign Mercury.

Mercury Retrograde January 2022

Mercury Retrograde January 2022 coincides with Venus retrograde this year. This is a great time to strategize, strengthen your foundation, and resolve things from the past that were unfinished or need closure.

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Venus retrograde symbolized by the famous Caravaggio painting and text saying Venus Retrograde.

Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrogrades are times where outworn structures of our style of relating to others stop working like before as a signal to you for a growth opportunity. There is an opportunity to correct things that have broken, refresh things that you have outgrown, and reassess something and refine it.

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