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Category: The Monthly Moon

Sagittarius new moon. Faith, inspiration, and optimism. Background of colorful night sky in hues of purple, blue, and pink with fluffy white clouds. Sagittarius symbol of the archer.

Sagittarius New Moon

The Sagittarius new moon brings a significant energetic shift, a lighter mood, and an easing of stubborn tension. New opportunities await. With Mars still retrograde, pace your energy and be on the lookout for where you are over-booked so you can cut out unimportant tasks.

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Taurus full moon and lunar eclipse, large full moon over a green field with mountains in the background, pretty blue sky with pink clouds.

Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Taurus Full Moon reminds us to take care of ourselves as we navigate unstable times. Nurture your five senses this week and take extra effort to relax, take pauses, and slow down when feeling fatigued, stressed, and nervous.

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Scorpio New Moon. Solar Eclipse. Mars Retrograde. Nurture Yourself. Background of starry black night. Image of purple buddha sitting behind and on top of purple lotus flower. Scorpio glyph.

Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse

The Scorpio new moon has a diverse range of activity. Saturn retrograde ends, Mars retrograde begins, eclipse season starts with a solar eclipse, and Venus snuggles closely to the Sun and Moon in Scorpio at the new moon.

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Aries Full Moon

The Aries full moon takes place as Mercury is moving forward again and many planets are forming a mentally stimulating relationship to each other by occupying all three air signs. You may experience a great amount of ideas.

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Libra new moon, equinox, and Mercury retrograde. Reframe and reflect for balance. Image of colorful starry galaxy. Libra symbols and scales.

Libra New Moon

Reframe and Reflect for Balance Sunday 25 September 20222:55 PM, West Coast, USA5:55 PM, East Coast, USA11:55 PM, Rome, Italy2 degrees Libra Libra New Moon

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Pisces full moon and Mercury retrograde. Navigate fogginess and manage stress. A full moon over the ocean with a gradient layover of color from turquoise blue to violet purple.

Pisces Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde

The Pisces full moon this weekend is highly spiritual, mystical, and dreamy. We have a few different planetary signatures indicating we will best flow with the energy of the Pisces full moon by resting our brain and logic mind while letting our inner daydreamer out to play. Let your instincts guide you.

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