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Category: The Monthly Moon

Gemini Full Moon. Shadow silhouette with arms open looking at the full moon with connective dots representing connection and socializing. Text says Gemini full moon.

Gemini Full Moon

Gemini Full Moon: We have a mentally stimulating, social, and fun Gemini full moon coming up this weekend. It’s a great time to catch up with friends, family, and social networks. Open your mind to fresh new ideas, let your curiosity take you on an adventure, and enjoy an optimistic vibe.

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Sagittarius new moon. Featuring a silhouette of a horse and a female archer holding an arrow toward the future. Text says Sagittarius new moon eclipse, Release and renew.

Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse 2021

Sagittarius new moon. This years Sag new moon has a twist with an eclipse and boosted mental and physical energy. Read about all the aspects of the new moon eclipse that kicks off early December.

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Taurus Full Moon. A person in an orange wrap meditates under a tree next to water with a full moon shining over. Text says Taurus full moon lunar eclipse.

Taurus Full Moon

Taurus full moon. This month’s full moon lunar phase features an eclipse. Like the moon whose light is temporarily blocked, we are invited to find our illumination from within. Deep soul searching is recommended and can produce profound insights to how you balance your daily responsibilities with your deeper meaning and purpose in life.

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Scorpio new moon. A wishing well reflecting water and coins inside. Green background of trees and nature. The well is covered in bright green moss and the trees are reflected in the water. Text says Scorpio new moon. An eagle flies up in the corner.

Scorpio New Moon

This Scorpio new moon is a time of deep reflection and soul searching on your ability to adapt and be flexible.

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Aries full moon. Large moon in shades of blue with a body of water and a plank with candles on it. Bats are flying for October Halloween theme.

Aries Full Moon

The Aries full moon beams down forward motion and an energy boost. Empowerment, assertiveness, and balance are key at this time.

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Libra new moon. Ocean background with pink, blue and purple clouds in self pastel colors over the ocean with waves softly crashing against rocks and a rocky wall of stone on the right. A small pile of stones are stacked to represent balance and the sign libra. Test reads Libra New Moon. The Libra glyph and a dark new moon image in the upper left corner.

Libra New Moon 2021

The Libra New Moon is a feisty new moon with dynamic energy. Watch how you use your words as they could come out more harsh than you intended. By the end of the month the energy will shift from reflective toward the past to forward thinking to the future.

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