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Virgo Full Moon. A landscape of upward growing steps of hedges with abstract half mandalas decoration around the sides.

Virgo Full Moon

This is a busy Virgo full moon with all the planets engaged in a relationship in the sky. The Virgo full moon bridges our limitless visionary and creative side with our organizational and administrative side ready to execute and plan our visions. There is some tension in the air creating an opportunity for a growth spurt.

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Leo Full Moon. Graphic is two colorful mandala's in purple, red, and yellow and a third large mandala in the middle, color yellow on top of a red background.

Leo Full Moon

The Leo full moon is a combination of passion and action. Learn how to put your passion in action in this months Leo full moon blog.

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Aquarius New Moon. A science fiction scene with a disc at the top with rings of light and beams shining down on a surface with astrology symbols in a circle. A black galaxy background sets the frame. Text says Aquarius new moon and the Aquarius glyph is imposed in the beams.

Aquarius New Moon

Aquarius new moon. Just a few days before the Aquarius new moon, Venus retrograde ended and went direct. A few days after the Aquarius new moon, Mercury will go direct. Set your Aquarius new moon intentions on how to integrate what has shifted for you since mid-December.

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Cancer Full Moon text. Large full moon over ocean with large rocks and two women sitting cross-legged in a meditation post with empty text bubble over their head with a heart in the middle representing self-compassion.

Cancer Full Moon

Cancer full moon. The theme of the Cancer new moon is self-compassion to feel and heal. Take time to do things that you love. Use self-compassionate language and come up with some positive mantras to replace harsh inner critic language. Get in or near water for the Cancer full moon phase as a symbolic replenishing of your spirit.

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Capricorn new moon text represented by a warrior woman with a bow and arrow aiming toward a cosmic circle target with the Capricorn glyph at the center. She is standing on a rock with a large moon in the background and a graphic of the planet Saturn.

Capricorn New Moon

The Capricorn new moon falls a day after the new year giving us a strategic kick off to a new year. Set your annual and long-term goals under the vibe of this practical new moon.

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