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Aries new moon. Ignite your inner fire. Aries glyph with moon phase symbols around it. Silhouette of a woman looking at a setting sun with her arms stretched out in a golden field.

Aries New Moon and Equinox

The Aries new moon is a time to take action. There is an increase of energy to tap into. Take some time to focus on what you really desire in life and let it ignite you. This is a great time to overcome fear, accept a challenge, and put your energy into something you are passionate about.

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Virgo Full Moon, A new look. Image of a full moon over a field of yellow flowers.

Virgo Full Moon

The Virgo full moon’s theme is ‘A new focus’ which builds on last month’s Pisces New Moon theme ‘A Change is Gonna Come.’ Look at the Pisces and Virgo parts of your chart for where things are culminating and how well you engage in balanced flexibility.

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Pisces New Moon, a change is gonna come. Undersea colorful foliage and the Pisces symbol.

Pisces New Moon

The Pisces New Moon is coming early Monday. Rest up this weekend as the current lunar phase comes to a close in the balsamic phase leading up to the new Moon. Recharge your inner battery and plan and prepare for some major shifts coming in March.

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Leo Full Moon. Play and Create. Shadow image of kids playing jumping in the air in neon colors green, pink, green, and yellow background.

Leo Full Moon

The Leo full moon is one to let your inner child out to play. Play with your friends, family, and those who embrace your personal style of self-expression. There is also a pattern breaking energy you can tap into. Old outworn ways of doing things can now find a new and refreshing expression.

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Aquarius new moon. Hit the start button. Large Saturn with a walkway leading out into the universe and a person walking on it surrounded by clouds.

Aquarius New Moon

The Aquarius new moon is the time to move forward and start new things. Take action toward your 2023 goals and kick off your resolutions on the New Moon. The light is green and there is a lot of supportive planetary energy for creative problem solving. Hit the start button for 2023 during the new moon.

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Cancer full moon. Self-care, reflection, and retrogrades. Full moon rising over the ocean with gentle waves breaking on sand beach.

Cancer Full Moon

The Cancer full moon has harmonious qualities which is helpful as we are likely experiencing exhaustion and fatigue in our bodies. During the two week full moon phase is a great time to wrap up working with the retrogrades and to finalize your 2023 goals. Wait to take action on your goals until later in January.

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