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June horoscopes 2022. Four people on a beach standing on one foot trying to balance themselves with the ocean and a blue sky background.

June Horoscopes

June horoscopes include the solstice, Mercury retrograde cycle ending, and a boost of energy that is social, dynamic, and fun.

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May Horoscopes 2022 with a graphic of four stone faces carved on the side of a mountain looking in different directions.

May Horoscopes 2022

May horoscopes and the Mercury retrograde. We start off the month in the afterglow of the Taurus new moon and solar eclipse. We tend to always have a mix of energies at work that ebb and flow. May is no different.

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April Horoscopes. Abstract background of circles in reds, oranges, and little bit of blue.

April Horoscopes 2022

April Horoscopes 2022. A little tension, a dreamy vibe, a solar eclipse, and Mercury retrograde shadow are featured this month.

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March Horoscopes text. Background is abstract pastels of yellow, green, peach, and lavender with a graphic of the two fishes representing Pisces and a sun dial with a moon and sun in background.

March Horoscopes 2022

March horoscopes. The pace of time as we enter March is moving full speed ahead. This month there are no retrogrades so we can confidently move forward. Some of us may even find the rhythm of time has thrust us forward so fast that we are scrambling trying to find balance.

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February Horoscopes 2022. Represented by a series of half circles, part of a whole circle, with layers of text information on astrology horoscopes. The inside layer says air, the next layer has unreadable letters, the next layer has the months January - February, another illegible word, and the outer layer of the circle says Aquarius for the zodiac sign.

February Horoscopes 2022

February Horoscopes 2022: February kicks off with a new moon in Aquarius reflecting a theme of embracing change and practicing balanced flexibility. There is a sense of change in the air, a bit of electricity and excitement for change.

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January Horoscopes 2022. A colorful galaxy of stars with purple and blue hues. A small figure silhouette looks at the sky. A target is in the middle with the capricorn sign on the right and a goat representing capricorn on the left.

January Horoscopes

Our January horoscopes kick off with a strategic Capricorn new moon setting the tone for a Saturnian month. We can plan for 2022 in a practical way, set realistic goals, take on more responsibility, and lay down a new foundation for anything you want to last a long time.

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