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Astrology Keywords

for Planets, Zodiac Signs, and Houses


The "What" or "Who"

Describes the energy at work

Structure, authority, discipline, rigidity

Expansion, belief system, faith, fertility

Energy, action, assertion, division, impatient

Value system, pleasures in life, connection, social

Communication, commerce, speech, mental faculties

Self, vitality, health, attitude towards life, ego

Security, needs, habits, responses, fluctuations, emotions


The "How"

Describes how the energy is expressed

Dynamic, impulsive, creative, impatient, initiates, insensitive, selfish, restless, confident, courageous

Stable, patient, reliable, stubborn, possessive, indulgent, foodie, artistic, sensual

Witty, chatty, social, quick, objective, adaptable, changeable, nervous, scattered, duplicity

Protective, nurturance, sentimental, empathic, security focused, maternal, moody

Fiery, creative, protective, regal, expressive, boisterous, playful, generous

Organized, detailed, analytical, perfectionistic, discerning, practical, critical, modest

Charming, diplomatic, fair, indulgent, vain, indecisive, reasonable, refined, social

Secretive, determined, empathic, strong, brooding, possessive vindictive, spiritual

Optimistic, adventurous, blunt, philosophical, extravagant, outgoing, reckless, unreliable, idealistic, searching, spontaneity 

Productive, disciplined, conservative, ambitious, pessimistic, responsible, determined, late bloomer

Inventive, humanitarian, aloof, quick witted, detached, progressive, rebellious, friendly

Visionary, compassionate, adaptable, selfless, elusive, empathic, over sensitive, music, dreamer, escapist


The "Where"

Describes the area of life impacted

Self, body, personality, appearance

Income, resources, self-worth

Siblings, neighborhood, travel (especially local), communication

Home, family, traditions, real estate, roots, agriculture

Children, sport, fun, sex, artistic creations

Ill health, service, labor, employees, domestic pets, daily routine, hard work

Relationships, marriage, business partner

Death, inheritance, partners finances, creditors, banks and loans

Philosophy, belief system, spirituality, religion, travel (especially long distance), foreign travel and language

Career, reputation, public status, authority and authority figures

Friends, social groups, aspirations, our larger social circle

Institutions, isolation, chronic illness, enemies, metaphysical studies, loss, collective unconscious, time spent alone