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Aquarius new moon. Hit the start button. Large Saturn with a walkway leading out into the universe and a person walking on it surrounded by clouds.

Aquarius New Moon

The Aquarius new moon is the time to move forward and start new things. Take action toward your 2023 goals and kick off your resolutions on the New Moon. The light is green and there is a lot of supportive planetary energy for creative problem solving. Hit the start button for 2023 during the new moon.

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Retrograde dates for Cycles in 2023. Purple mandala background.

Retrograde Dates in Astrology for 2023

Find the retrograde dates for all the planets in this guide. The Mercury, Venus, and Mars retrograde combined with the monthly moon phases, eclipses, solstices, equinoxes provide a framework for working with astrology through a calendar year. 

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Cancer full moon. Self-care, reflection, and retrogrades. Full moon rising over the ocean with gentle waves breaking on sand beach.

Cancer Full Moon

The Cancer full moon has harmonious qualities which is helpful as we are likely experiencing exhaustion and fatigue in our bodies. During the two week full moon phase is a great time to wrap up working with the retrogrades and to finalize your 2023 goals. Wait to take action on your goals until later in January.

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Capricorn new moon. Strategic reflection for the new year.

Capricorn New Moon

The Capricorn new moon in December is reflecting access to a productive holiday season. We can collectively review our past year in a realistic and pragmatic manner, and be inspired to plan our strategy for the next year with our feet on the ground and our creative and wise muses whispering inspirational ideas and strategy for the new year. 

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Gemini full moon. Endings and beginnings. A starry midnight sky with white luminescent blue clouds.

Gemini Full Moon

The Gemini full moon is conjoined with Mars, giving it an extra spark. Take care with how you use your words. Slow down and enjoy the festive nature of the season. Have some fun and connect with your friends and family. Take advantage of the Mars retrograde and pre-shadow phase of the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle to reflect, review, and realign parts of your life in need of renewal.

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Sagittarius new moon. Faith, inspiration, and optimism. Background of colorful night sky in hues of purple, blue, and pink with fluffy white clouds. Sagittarius symbol of the archer.

Sagittarius New Moon

The Sagittarius new moon brings a significant energetic shift, a lighter mood, and an easing of stubborn tension. New opportunities await. With Mars still retrograde, pace your energy and be on the lookout for where you are over-booked so you can cut out unimportant tasks.

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