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Libra new moon, equinox, and Mercury retrograde. Reframe and reflect for balance. Image of colorful starry galaxy. Libra symbols and scales.

Libra New Moon

Reframe and Reflect for Balance Sunday 25 September 20222:55 PM, West Coast, USA5:55 PM, East Coast, USA11:55 PM, Rome, Italy2

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Pisces full moon and Mercury retrograde. Navigate fogginess and manage stress. A full moon over the ocean with a gradient layover of color from turquoise blue to violet purple.

Pisces Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde

The Pisces full moon this weekend is highly spiritual, mystical, and dreamy. We have a few different planetary signatures indicating we will best flow with the energy of the Pisces full moon by resting our brain and logic mind while letting our inner daydreamer out to play. Let your instincts guide you.

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Virgo new moon. A well manicured garden with trim green grass, colorful flowers pruned perfectly, and a clean garden path through the center. Reorganize and take action.

Virgo New Moon and Mercury Retrograde

The Virgo new moon has an energetic vibe of focusing on the details and practicality. The upcoming Mercury retrograde coincides with the new moon asking us to reflect back and tidy up our to do lists.

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Aquarius Full Moon. Do something different for a new outcome. Aquarius symbol with a blue image behind of waves and clouds.

Aquarius Full Moon

The Aquarius full moon can be a time of tension and has a pattern breaking type of vibe that can help you see where something in life is stuck. Flow with the rhythm of life and time by entering this time period with an open mind and a willingness to be open to change.

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Leo New Moon. Face of a confident and proud lion with a wash of transparent color to represent unique self. Text Express Yourself. Leo New Moon and some astrology glyphs of Leo and Sun.

Leo New Moon

The Leo new moon is about creativity, passion, and self-expression. Though there are some tension points, it is really about growth and busting out of outworn patterns of self-expression so you can shine your inner light in a more authentic way.

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Capricorn Full Moon. Large full moon against a deep blue night sky with clouds in hues of blues. Capricorn Full Super Moon. Five phoenix bird graphics flying in the sky.

Capricorn Full Moon

The Capricorn full moon has potent energy signatures. Things brewing and boiling under the surface may erupt. There is a mental and intense tone to this moon. Over the next few days a situation can reach peak intensity, a choice may be made, or two viewpoints may clash.

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