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Strength Based Astrological Coaching

If you are here, you are seeking tools and resources to improve your life. What is it that you want? To invest more time in your health or spirituality, decrease stress and increase peace, change careers to something more satisfying?

Working with me we will set clear goals and get you started on your self-empowerment journey by building on your strengths. 

First we find your top strengths using research based assessments. Then we move through the celestial journey of self-discover through astrology and cosmic timing through planetary movement.

Your goals and action plans are developed and put into action throughout the process. We tackle head on all fears and obstacles by putting your strengths into action. We set reachable and challenging goals, track your progress, and celebrate your success.

This unique mix of Assessment, Astrology, Coaching, Strength Building, and Strategic Action takes a holistic helping approach, honoring your mind, body and spirit. 

Below you will find information on my program, that I like to call a Journey. What it is, who it’s for, and what to expect in the beginning, middle and last phase of our time together. To read more about me and my qualifications, click here.

What is Strength Based Coaching?

Coaching is a service that helps people achieve their goals. Strengths based coaching incorporates your top strengths in achieving success. 

Achievable and challenging goals are set and a Journey plan is created that empowers you to achieve those goals.

Once your goals are met, we celebrate and create an individualized success maintenance plan for moving forward and continuing to grow on your journey.

The tools and techniques I use vary, since each persons coaching plan is individualized. The strengths assessment and astrology are always incorporated in your journey with me.

In the FAQ section I list some of the additional tools, techniques, and approaches I commonly use.

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Who is Astro Coaching for?

Who is Strength Based Astrology Coaching For?

  • You want to change your job or career
  • You want to improve your health
  • You are seeking a deeper meaning in life
  • You want to engage in personal development
  • You want to learn a new skill
  • You want to improve your finances
  • You want to start a business
  • You want to get organized
  • You are a Goal Getter and want a Coach on your team

These are a few examples. This Journey will help anyone with a goal, determination, and a time commitment.

Astrology, Strengths, and Coaching

Your birth chart reflects everything about you. Your personality traits, motivations, career tendencies, vitality, health, how you take action, resources, material wealth, and how you engage in relationships.

The techniques and tools used in Astro Coaching combine your natal astrology chart, the essence of who you are, with astrological timing tools and a wide array of coaching tools. 

Astrology can empower you through deeper self-understanding, clarify what your goals are, and identify your talents and opportunities to achieve them.

When we combine the power of astrological knowledge with the top strengths you have inside of you, we set you up to maximize your success potential.

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Astrological Timing

Astrology adds a layer of support to Coaching that has to do with successful timing. Too often people try to achieve their goals with an excellent plan, but the timing off.

The market might be hot for what you are trying to do. But what about your personal timing. Is it hot, or is it full of challenges.

Astrology fills in a missing piece from regular coaching in that we consider your personal natal chart and timing to ensure you are implementing your plan at the very best time for you.

My Holistic Approach

My approach is Holistic oriented. What that means is that we consider your mind, body, and spirit in the work we do together.

Your mind is how you learn, how you think, what worries you and what brings you peace of mind. It includes your mental and emotional health.

Your body is your physical health. Your state of dis-ease and of well-being. Your age, vitality, and material connection with the earth.

Your spirit is what you believe in. That which inspires you. What gives you the sense of connectedness.

My goal is to support your empowerment Journey. To holistically and inclusively respect the whole of you. To be your partner in embracing your whole self and optimizing your strengths to increase happiness, gratitude, and optimism.

I can help you make a change

I get it, I have made a number of jaw-dropping changes in my life. From moving cross country and overseas, to changing careers twice, and walking my spiritual path even if it’s different than my friends and family. 

Let’s just say that I know change and what it takes to succeed. I can help you make your change. It will take courage, determination, and hard work. But you can do it.

One of my favorite sayings is:

Sometimes your only mode of transportation is a leap of faith

Strength Based Astrology Coaching Phases

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The beginning is where we do strength assessments, astrology readings and set measurable goals. We take a comprehensive, integrative and holistic approach to who you are.

This interactive phase will allow us to formulate your Journey from a few different perspectives. Together we will collaborate on the map of your unique Journey choosing the pathways that are most empowering for you and set our schedule for the Coaching timeframe.

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The second phase is the work toward achieving your goals goal. It is the longer part of coaching, I like to call it the Fun Stuff or Journey Adventures. Yeah it’s work, but it’s all for you, and that makes it fun. Rewarding. It’s a spiritual journey to set out to achieve a goal. It should be enjoyed.

Most likely you will have some work to do outside of the consulting room. That’s Fun Stuff too, because it’s moving you in the right direction. Astrological timing will be referenced in all Coaching consultations and will help us select dates as needed using Electional Astrology.

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The last phase of Astro Coaching will be focused on sustenance and maintenance of your goals through a written success plan. 

We reflect on the journey, identify your successes, challenge points, potential future pitfalls, how you are now empowered to deal with them, and self accountability as you move forward without a coach.