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March Horoscopes text. Background is abstract pastels of yellow, green, peach, and lavender with a graphic of the two fishes representing Pisces and a sun dial with a moon and sun in background.

March Horoscopes 2022

March horoscopes. The pace of time as we enter March is moving full speed ahead. This month there are no retrogrades so we can confidently move forward. Some of us may even find the rhythm of time has thrust us forward so fast that we are scrambling trying to find balance.

The ascendant in astrology text. Background is the starry night sky with an astrology wheel and sign glyphs around the wheel in glowing white.

The Ascendant

The Ascendant is one of the most important considerations in astrology as it describes your personality. Along with the Sun and Moon, the Ascendant is part of the triad of personality, character, and individual nature. This triad describes the concept of who we are.